The voices of overseas students

♦ Indonesia

It takes a while for me to get used to this lifestyle especially in winter, especially in winter, and it takes a while to get used to this lifestyle. However, the public transportation is very comfortable, and even though availability depends on the concerned time, services are exactly on time. The hospitality of the local people also makes life in Hokkaido very enjoyable. Overall, I like living in Hokkaido. (2017)

♦ China

Studying in Hokkaido is my wish and I enjoy it very much. This experience not only offers me a chance to conduct cutting-edged research under the guidance of world-class researchers, but also a great platform to meet and network with people from various countries and disciplines. All of my experiences in Hokkaido will remain in my memory and heart forever. (2018)

♦ India

I'm very happy about my decision to move here. As my research and studies progress, I am also enjoying my life in Sapporo. Along with studying at a top-tier university, there are many valuable life lessons that I am learning from my Japanese teachers and friends.
I can describe my experience in a few words: Safe, convenient, clean and beautiful.
In Hokkaido, I have experienced all four seasons very clearly, and the long winter with heavy snowfall is particularly impressive. The Sapporo Snow Festival is worth visiting every year. This distinct weather brings great food, which I also enjoy very much. I also find some Hokkaido dishes like Jingisukan, spicy soup curry and donburi very delicious. (2018)

♦ South Korea

Hokkaido is a very special place where various cultures are mixed inside Japan, and many place names are derived from the Ainu language. I think that is the reason why Hokkaido is tolerant of different cultures. (2017)

♦ Thailand

I chose Hokkaido because I had heard that it is known for the most delicious food in Japan, and that it also has much natural beauty. After arriving here, I found that dairy products, vegetables and other food are much more delicious than I had imagined, and the beauty of nature left me speechless. I’ve been totally fascinated.
I suggest that students should pick up some Japanese before coming here to make your Hokkaido life more enjoyable. Despite its relatively cold climate in winter, Hokkaido is a truly great place where the local people will definitely welcome you warmly. I hope many students will come to Hokkaido. Life here is very comfortable, safe and peaceful, the cost of living is cheaper than in other regions of Japan, and I can also discover Hokkaido’s rich cultural heritage. (2017)

♦ Vietnam

In Hokkaido, there is one of the oldest, largest, and most prestigious universities in Japan. If I come here, I can receive a world-class education, study under the guidance of excellent lecturers and do research in modern laboratories. At the same time, the atmosphere of the University is warm and welcoming, the campus is clean and safe, and it is located in a breathtakingly beautiful setting.
Life here is also very comfortable, safe and peaceful, and the cost of living is cheaper than in other regions of Japan. I can also discover Hokkaido’s rich cultural heritage. (2017)

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