OVERSEAS STUDENT SUPPORT SITE STUDY IN HOKKAIDO Hokkaido has the ideal environment for university life.

Welcome to Hokkaido

To all students

Hokkaido is a safe and comfortable place to live and has a great environment for one’s university life.

There is a full range of educational institutions covering various fields such as science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, dentistry, literature, environment, management, information, welfare, culture, fashion, animation, music, and cooking, allowing students to receive the education that meets their goals. The education offered in this prefecture is also of a high quality, as evidenced by the recent Nobel Prize winner from one of the universities in Hokkaido.

The four seasons in Hokkaido offer a varied experience of nature, and on your days off you can participate in various activities depending on the season, such as hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter. Hokkaido is also famous for its safe and delicious food, and the many hot springs serve as havens of relaxation when you are tired. Above all, the people of Hokkaido are very friendly toward people from other countries, and support is available when you have any problems, so one can live with peace of mind.

Currently, there are 54 universities in Hokkaido attended by approximately 2,800 international students. Interaction with Japanese students and fellow international students will also add color to your experience in Hokkaido. If you are considering studying abroad, please come to a university in Hokkaido. We are looking forward to seeing you here.

Four seasons in Hokkaido

HOKKAIDO LOVE! (Hokkaido's official tourism website)
Introducing an outline of Hokkaido and its nature. Information regarding events throughout the year (English, Chinese, Korean and Indonesian).