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To all students

Hokkaido has abundant nature, including oceans, mountains and lakes, all over. The four distinct seasons of Hokkaido allow you to enjoy seasonal scenery and activities. You will never be bored if you use spare time from your studies to go hiking or camping in summer and skiing in winter.

Hokkaido is very rich in local food ingredients, and there are many hot springs with a wide variety of qualities in each area, all highly popular among tourists. The number of foreign tourists to Hokkaido has also increased by approximately 2 million over the past five years, reaching 3.12 million in 2018.

Hokkaido locals are known for their friendliness toward foreigners, providing support when you most need it and enabling you to live with peace of mind.

Currently, there are approximately 4,000 overseas students in Hokkaido, and mixing with such like-minded people will help make your experience in Hokkaido more interesting.

If you're thinking about studying abroad, why not come to a university in Hokkaido? We all look forward to seeing you here.

Four seasons in Hokkaido

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