Universities in Hokkaido

List of universities

University name Location Type Scholarships Dormitory Comprehensive
Hokkaido University SAPPORO National university

Undergraduate admissions
Graduate admissions

Kitami Institute of Technology KITAMI National university
Muroran Institute of Technology MURORAN National university
Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine OBIHIRO National university
Otaru University of Commerce OTARU National university
Asahikawa Medical University ASAHIKAWA National university  
Hokkaido University of Education SAPPORO
National university
Sapporo Medical University SAPPORO Public university  
Future University Hakodate HAKODATE Public university    
Sapporo City University SAPPORO Public university    
Asahikawa University ASAHIKAWA Private university  
Chitose Institute of Science and Technology CHITOSE Private university  
Fuji Women's University SAPPORO
Private university    
Hakodate University HAKODATE Private university  
Health Sciences University of Hokkaido TOBETSU Private university    
Hokkaido Bunkyo University ENIWA Private university    
Hokkaido Information University EBETSU Private university
Hokkai-Gakuen University SAPPORO Private university    
Hokusei Gakuen University SAPPORO Private university  
Hokusho University EBETSU Private university    
Rakuno Gakuen University EBETSU Private university
Sapporo Gakuin University EBETSU Private university
Sapporo International University SAPPORO Private university    
Sapporo University SAPPORO Private university    
Seisa Dohto University KITAHIROSHIMA Private university    
Tokai University SAPPORO Private university    
Asahikawa University Junior College ASAHIKAWA Junior college      
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  • Hokusei Gakuen University Junior College SAPPORO Junior college      
    Hokusho College EBETSU Junior college      
    Obihiro Otani Junior College OTOFUKE Junior college      
    Sapporo University Women's College SAPPORO Junior college      
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