Welcome to Hokkaido

Overview of Hokkaido (annual events and nature)

Hokkaido has an ideal environment in which to enjoy a safe and comfortable university life. The four distinct seasons of Hokkaido enable you to experience a variety of seasonal activities on your days off, including hiking in summer and skiing in winter. In addition, Hokkaido's foodstuffs are famous for being safe and delicious, and the abundant hot springs are great for relaxing when you're tired. Above all else, Hokkaido people are known for their friendliness toward foreigners, providing support when you most need it and enabling you to live with peace of mind.

Currently, there are approximately 3,400 overseas students in Hokkaido, and mixing with such like-minded people will help make your experience in Hokkaido more interesting. If you're thinking about studying abroad, why not come to a university in Hokkaido? We all look forward to seeing you here.

Four seasons in Hokkaido (scenery and industry)

◆GoodDay Hokkaido (Hokkaido's official tourism website)
Introducing an outline of Hokkaido and its nature. Information regarding events throughout the year (English, Chinese, Korean, Thai and Indonesian).
◆Graph Hokkaido (Hokkaido government)
Introducing overseas people to Hokkaido by means of photographs of the region's industries and landscapes throughout the four seasons (English, Chinese, Korean and Russian).

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